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Oil and Refrigerant Analysis


  • Costly repairs are minimized by regular analysis. Oil is a valuable aid in accessing the chiller's internal mechanical condition. The presence of acids, water and metal particles indicates abnormal parts wear. This can be detected by oil analysis. Regular scheduled oil analysis can extend chiller life and can prevent catastrophic failures.
  • By comparing the results of the analysis against the chillers historical operating data, out technicians can diagnose the condition of your chiller and make appropriate recommendations. Laboratory analysis of your refirgerant can identify the presence of rust, sludge, and harmful acids in your chiller's system. As a part of [our] regular maintenance program, refrigerant analysis is essential for maintaining efficiency and preventing downtime.

Eddy Current Tube Testing


  •  Eddy Current Tube Testing is an inexpensive method used to analyze tube walls. It minimizes downtime by eliminating unexpected tube failures and minimizes risk of costly repairs by providing advance warning of problems before failure. A ruptured tube can result in a catastrophic chiller failure as well as contaminate the refrigerant system and cause hermetic motor burnout. Repairs are expensive and time consuming. 

Vibration Analysis


  • Vibration Analysis Test assesses the condition of bearings. By performing this task effectively we can prevent the catastrophic failures due to component degradation. 

Apprenticeship Program

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